Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Valient Dive, Lake Washington, 120' 20 minutes, Lots of Sculpins

Thanks Richard for letting me use your twins and picking me up. I left work early yesterday and Richard picked me up at a dock in Kirkland so I didn't have to drive around the lake. A short run out to the wreck. We used the depth sounder to locate the plane and dropped a down line with 6#'s of soft weights. The water was 68 degrees above 40'. Below 40' it was 46 degrees! Vis at the bottom was around 10'. We dropped the line 5 feet from the front of the plane. The plane is upside down and in the mud. 4 slow passes over the plane and 20 minutes later it was time to come up. Nice to do once.

Here are a couple of fresh water sculpins I had in a fish tank once.

Here is a picture of a Valient plane.

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