Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank you.

Katrina and I are thankful for all the cards, calls, and emails we received. There were cards on our door from neighbors we didn't know but they knew Wally. Because of Wally's size and gentle disposition more people knew who Wally was than who knew who we were. It's nice that there are so many thoughtful people.Thank you.


Ken B. said...

Hello Jeff and Katrina. So sorry to hear about Wally... and now that you will be leaving to Puerto Rico soon.

Hope I can see you before you leave. Maybe for a short hike? Tiger? Squak?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff and Katrina,
Hope your trip went well. I'm just looking over your blog... from a long class I'm taking at RE/MAX Corporate. Thanks for passing the time! Andrew Weiffenbach