Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wally, You Will Always Be Remembered

I write this in tears as Wally, our wonderful companion of 9 years passed away on Monday.
Katrina and I are extremely saddened with his passing. He meant everything to us. Wally was our 9 year old English Mastiff. Wally had a wonderful life. He was showing his age but he was not uncomfortable. We thought we had several more months with him but the end came quickly. Monday morning he just couldn't get up. He knew and we knew. We sat with him petting him all day until the vet arrived. He was not in pain and we had time to say goodbye. It was very peaceful and the vet was very compassionate. He didn't suffer at all. We have no doubt we did the right thing for him.

We thanked him for his unconditional love. He was very loved and he knew it! We couldn't have asked for a better companion. His passing leaves a big hole in our lives. He was a big dog and had an even bigger presence. He was always there!

Thank you Wally for all the love you showed us over the years. You are most certainty missed beyond what words can say. You will always be in our heart and we will always remember you.

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