Monday, July 16, 2007

Cave Ridge

Bob and I did a hike to Cave Ridge yesterday. We parked on the west end of the PCT parking lot and took a small path up into the woods. We followed this path to a stream. We crossed and went left and up to the base of Guy peak. We followed it to the saddle and to a right up to Cave ridge.
In all the hiking I have done Cave Ridge has rock formations that I haven't seen anywhere else. The views of Red mountain were very nice. We saw three caves. We only had the cojones to enter one of the caves. The other caves went straight down and without ropes we wernt going in. The one we did go in was very nice.

There were only a few patches of snow left unlike a month before when there was 10 feet. On the way down I tried to get Bob to make a side trip up to Guy Peak but he declined. It was a very nice hike and Bob was thrilled.

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