Friday, May 16, 2014

Wild Horses of Placitas

We heard about the wild horses but for the first month hadn't seen any. I went to a meeting about them to learn more about the "issues" surrounding them and found it very informative. There appear to be people who believe they are damaging the land because there are too many of them. There are people who believe the horses were here first and should be free roaming. There are people concerned about hitting them with their cars which has happened and is possible because it is very very dark out here and the horses are very fast. The community invited a speaker who "manages" a herd of wild horses ... she manages the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Their issues were the similar to the issues we have here only way more extreme. The meeting was a meeting of "deep listening." I liked that phrase. Of the many issues one is the drought, another is the size of the herd and BLM not allowing licensed people to use PZP as temporary contraception. In the end a majority want what is best for the horses which will include more fencing close to main roads, contraception (the neighboring Pueblo is licensed also to dart PZP) and a host of other things but it will be a long road to coordinate things since it involves the state and federal lands.

Jeff and I were very excited when we saw a family of 5 horses out near the open space land while we were on our way for a bird hike. I stopped and took a few photos as the horses stood around in the shade of people's houses and then milled around nibbling stuff.

A few days later we saw the same group outside our window standing near the cars. When I sneaked very quietly outside the took off down the road in front of the house. This morning I heard the cats growling and again, I looked out the window as the horses were coming up from the arroyo, into our yard, and then they followed the trail (ours or theirs?) down the back of the house to the other arroyo. They are huge, spectacular, wild-eyed, protective of the little one and a real thrill to see!!! I saw them one other time as I was driving out. I had just gotten onto the pavement when the herd bolted up the arroyo into the road in front of me and stopped. I watched for a while when another car spooked them and off they went. Jeff saw them in the dip on our short little dirt road when he got home from work. Lots of ethical considerations. Lots of questions about what is "right" for them. For now lots of magical encounters! I am just happy to see them and know most other people love them also.

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