Monday, May 19, 2014

Cats, Of Course

The trauma of moving and losing Chicken and all that is dulling and the 4 cats we have here are adjusting well to living inside. In Placitas, which is High Dessert and very open space, the threats to cats and dogs are Great Owls and coyotes primarily. There are also bears and bobcats and other threats but owls and coyotes are notorious for picking off pets. People here LOVE their pets and just about everyone has catios and dog pens that are covered (so owls don't swoop in and coyotes don't climb in). We knew this and before Jeff got here the first thing I did was start work on the catio. I got a 10 x 10 dog run and covered it with welded wire and shade cloth but couldn't do the tunnel from the existing dog door to the run myself. This weekend we solved that problem and now everyone can enjoy sun on their fur, dirt all over, rabbits lurking, lizards teasing and the sounds of birds. That also means the people (us) can have window screens open and the door screen open and latched without fearing someone will burst through and take off. Our hope is that they love the freedom the catio offers and with this new option have no desire to be "out." In the off chance someone escapes (the catio is as securely put together as it can be and I have observed them and sat in it with them)at least they will have put their smells outside and will have the lay of the land. Our intention is that they never get out.

I forget who went out first but everyone soon followed. Tuca and Pollo were initially hesitant but turkey pieces got them into the tunnel and then they figured it out. Dakota the old fart has adjusted the quickest and he has a new lease on life and is playing more (he is at least 15 plus years old). Pollo seems content inside. Jackie is the boss. Tuca likes being able to go out and when she is inside has been hiding under the bed covers for most of the day for a month now. She is slowly coming out more. Pollo and Jackie actually team up and bat her when she is under the covers though and that doesn't help. I have planted cat grass and flowers so the cats can snack and hide. I also planted sweet peas and beans to climb on the chain link to give more camoflauge. There is/was a catnip clump until they decimated it in the first excursion out! I worried that green beans might be toxic to cats and after looking it up found out that they are fine but the chives had to come out. I guess more catnip is required! Anyway, with this new option they have new places to be and can breathe fresh air! On a side note, Blanco and Rip continue to adjust to their new owners in the old house. Blanco reportedly has been spotted in the ferns in the front and Rip is slowly working his way up top (but shows up for food of course). We are REALLY thankful the new home owners were willing to take them in. Those two could never have survived the trip and would not have adjusted at all.

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