Friday, May 9, 2014

Montezuma Crest Hike

I didn't waste any time getting us out and hiking. Jeff arrived with Dakota (old fart cat) on April 24th and on the 26th I had us joining the Placitas Association for a hike up to the top of Montezuma Crest. The hike started with people meeting at the Post Office (8 minutes away) and car pooling another 8 minutes to the beginning of the hike. There wasn't really an official trail for part of it but it had been flagged with flagging tape you could follow once you knew where to start! The first thing I noticed was that the Yuccas were all shooting buds skywards. We hiked up to the top and enjoyed a view pretty much 360 degrees looking east and then all the way toward Cabezon in the west. We looked all around once we got to the top and a geologist told us a little bit about the geology we could see far off and nearby. My eye was drawn to all the blooming wild flowers and I couldn't help myself from taking some photos as I listened in.

The whole landscape is like a giant bonzai garden with everything looking perfectly arranged. I saw this cactus popping up out of a circle of small gravel with yellow wild flowers in the distance. If I were to make garden I would arrange it something like this!

There were all kinds of flowers blooming. We then headed down and someone called me over to see this horned lizard (?). It looked just like a leaf and blended in perfectly. I fully expect to get bitten by a snake as I lean down photographing some day! This is the view looking down toward Placitas - a far away view and a close-up of the odd band of rocks.

But mainly I just can't resist the flowers! I don't know what I thought New Mexico would be like, but so far it has exceeded expectations!

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