Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Placitas New Mexico Right Out the Door

Here we are in a new location and we couldn't be happier about it. The desert is a mystical, magical place that changes with the light throughout the day. The city of Albuquerque is big enough to have lots of restaurant choices, amazing produce and real food in the supermarkets, and delicious junk food (croissants, fancy coffees, desserts we shouldn't be eating much of). Mostly we are enjoying nature. We have chosen to rent in Placitas because it is a village of artists, animal lovers and keepers of the environment. We can walk out the front door and be in amazing Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, Placitas Open Space, and walk through neighbors' properties without any problems. No gates, barking dogs or rejas here. This first photo is of Mount Cabezon sitting off out our living room window about 40 miles away! If you know where Cabezon is you know where you are!

Right now there are ribbons of yellow flowers rippling across the bonzai looking landscape. I have no idea what anything is at this point but I will find out!

The Northwest had wonderful deep waters and lush green, Puerto Rico had delicious tropical exotic foliage but I have to say I am really enamored with the suble, tonal, coloration of the landscape of the desert. It is somehow calming, surprising and has a quiet beauty. I was out listening to coyotes in the back of the house before dark and when I turned, I was treated to a gigantic moon rising over the Montezuma Crest with a seemingly miniature house to its right. There are no outside lights here so the scene just got more and more interesting as the natural light faded!

The next morning I was watching for rabbits and as the sun rose the hillside was shifting from reds to pinks and bang-o the same gigantic moon was setting over the landscape!

As the moon set and the sun rose the hills became lighter and more rosy and the junipers framed the big ball of a moon as it set. It was amazing to watch!

It is exciting to be somewhere new, but more than that I feel like it is the right place to be...I feel like a might actually belong here. Jeff is excited about the hiking and both of us look forward to being outside a lot. The weather is chilly in the morning but terrific in the afternoon up until sunset. Right now it is in the high 70s to low 80s with low humidity. It is so much easier to hike we are amazed that 5 miles feels like a 1/2 mile! The mountains are amazing and since we are living at over 5,000 feet to start with we will be able to hike to some high heights!


Sherlynette Castro said...

love the moon pictures! welcome to the west coast :-D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos that capture the amazing landscape and mystical feel of the Southwest. I'm happy to hear that you two have found some level of peace. :)