Thursday, December 23, 2010


I know it is winter here because the ground is cracked from lack of water - in the tropics winter means the dry season. It is the dry season and that means house stuff shifts from constant yard upkeep to house upkeep - sealing the roof, pressure washing, painting, cleaning etc etc. I finished pressure washing and sealing the roof last week and then moved on to pressure washing the cement that circles the house and continues around the balcony. After that I scraped loose paint and pressure washed again (Jeff did the second pressure washing) I let it dry for a few days before painting it. The paint only looks good for a while before it will start coming up in small spots were rains hit it continuously...or where chickens crap (I think they poo acid)...or little dips in the cement that pool water. But for now it looks spectacular and I am relieved it is done! For a year anyway.
I painted all the grey, scraped and pressure washed and repainted the fountain and repainted the bricks along the edges.

Here it is after pressure washing and scraping...Whalla! No standing water, no algae and a nice clean paint job!

I even repainted the troll bridge. I liked it red better but had left over fountain paint (a special water sealing paint) that could be used on wood too. This actually is better at night when you want to wander by moon light or sit and watch the fire flies. Paint doesn't really last for long here no matter how tight you pound the can shut. I like to buy only what is needed and not try to store that crap.

I've been working along the driveway to try to reclaim the cement (there is about 6 inches of matted grass overtaking it).

The hedge I pruned back severely is now filled in. The winter is kind of nice I guess. It gives you a little break from the constant feeling that nothing will ever get done. It gives you time to just take a day off and sit with coffee and a book in the yard with the pets. It is a lot cooler at night though and I have to put on sweats and a long sleeve shirt with hoodie. I like the hot weather better but I guess the seasonal shift is pretty small compared to everywhere else.

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Rosa said...

Beautiful work! The house and the surrounding look fantastic! Enjoy it while you can.