Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday's Trip - Cueva Indio in Arecibo

There is so much to do here in Puerto Rico and we want to do it all while we live here! After a nice Saturday at the Cultural Park we went to the SEPRI cave party and then to Diana's parents' house for the night. It was wonderful to be able to sleep and not have to drive home and then back up for Sunday...a huge thanks to Diana for arranging the sleep over! We slept well, had a nice breakfast, then headed to Julio's house to pick up some cave documentation. Then we headed to Cueva Indio, which is really a sea cavern rather than a cave. This cavern is in Arecibo. Most of the beaches we have explored have been West Coast beaches...I went to Manati but other than that we haven't really explored northern coastlines. This shoreline is spectacular!
This cavern is totally accessible to all - no need for vertical gear or even a helmet/light. Parking is a 5 minute walk away and beer is available. We walked on the sharp rocks and found a hole looking into the water, then walked around and found an easy way in (ladder). There were many petroglyphs that appeared to be a mix of "real" and imitations. It is hard to tell which is which and hopefully the site was documented previous to more modern carvings being done. Here is one that is hard to tell if it is real or not.

We see many petroglyphs in many caves but often they are caves not frequented by people other than cavers so it is easier to tell if they are original. This cavern is so accessible it would be easy (if carving into rock is easy) to replicate designs. Even in the barely visited caves these carvings are near the entrance and not deep in the caves. These bell holes are very interesting and yes, there were bats in them. The guano has eaten away the rock to form the bell holes but what is interesting to me is the design of the engraved areas around the bell holes. Wave action maybe?

There was only really one hole to climb that was fun and here Diana is just coming out of it. She is ALWAYS smiling and a lot of fun to be around!

What made this trip was the spectacular seashore. It was rugged with waves crashing onto shelves and through holes in the rocks. It is December and the skies are bright blue, it is 80 something degrees and the water is warm. This is the best of Puerto Rico right here. Friends, temperature, and natural beauty.

Looking down the smashing waves were spectacular.

Here Jeff is sitting inside the cavern. The shoreline in Arecibo is rugged and beautiful and well worth the trip.


Anonymous said...

The north coast is defiantly more rocky and has rougher waves from what I have seen. That cavern looks cool and very accessible. Might be a good cave intro for Cassie!


Anonymous said...

Jeff and Katrina,

Your pictures of the north coast are certainly breath taking, thanks for sharing! BTW, we wish you "Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo" in Puerto Rico!

H Jr.

Anonymous said...

Looking at your photos of these rock carvings, there are some very similar to these on St.John USVI on the Reef Bay Trail. Interesting.

Kevin Travis