Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter - What's Done Stays Done...for a While

You can kind of see the arboretum taking shape. What were little trees are now larger trees with some producing fruit (Longon, Peanut Butter Fruit, Pomegranate, Canistel).
Where else can you grow orchids just outside stuck on trees?

Vegetables are hard. Seeds rot, wash away..plants get buggy or stunted or grow HUGE like balloon animals (only they are cucumbers). This is a vining Malabar spinach that only grows above 84 degrees. It isn't as good as baby lettuces but hey, you can grow it!


More tomatoes.

Purple basil.

Batatas amarillas (a sweet potato but it isn't the same as a sweet potato in the States) under a hot pepper with a baby papaya.

I love this plant. It blooms ALL the time and roots where ever it touches which makes it great for covering big areas and stabilizing soil.

Look how tidy everything looks! Don't blink...it is raining and the grass will be a foot before you open your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Seeing what you've done is a real inspiration. Everything looks great. Happy New Year to you both, and to all 11 kits.