Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cat Colony

Well, it's about time for a cat update. The little colony has stabilized at 11 despite efforts of others to join in. They are acting up a little at night and disrupting our sleep (Stripes is bothering Blanco and Bepo is bothering Tuca and outsiders want in and panic the insiders etc etc.). And so it goes when you've got pets. There was a new little white one that showed up and luckily we found a home for it. If we were going to live here forever we'd take them all in (?) but that isn't going to happen so the group cannot have new members! Puff disappeared and we feared she was dead (if you live in Puerto Rico pets mysteriously get poisoned by pet haters - most of whom have dogs that they don't spay or neuter and let roam freely to mate and have unwanted puppies). Then Puff reappeared not showing any injuries and she wasn't skinny so we figure it got too crowded for her and she found a new house. We need a few more to do that - that was the original plan...spay/neuter/release (and feed them if needed). The plan turned into spay/neuter/immunize/deworm/ flea drop/feed/and take to the vet for whatever problems may occur. Also...enjoy them and watch them play! Here's little Rip sleeping in one of the cat houses. He usually sleeps in his little cat tent but I caught him half falling out of the little hole today.
Last night's big excitement was the paint roller.... Rip, Stripes (legs only), Bepo and Chicken are fascinated!

I have been doing a lot of pressure washing, painting and general house upkeep the past few weeks and moved this pot in so I could paint it the next morning. They found a new game ...Spin-Your-Friend! One cat goes inside and some others stand on it and do the logger roll thing or they lay on the ground and kick it until it spins. Here Rip is climbing and Chicken is inside. The other cat head is a cat bed they at first thought was real.

It started innocently with Chicken claiming the pot as his.

We didn't see Blanco for a couple weeks and worried about him. He is kind of spooky and is definitely afraid of Stripes who has turned out to be very large and strong. When Stripes is at his other house Blanco hangs out with me in the yard and house. He is the most beautiful cat ever - white with peachy/orange on his face and tail and the most magnificent lavender blue eyes.

Blanco is having a good chow down and Mini (I call her creepy-mini because she stalks me in the yard) is not approving.

Here he is again standing on the newly painted walkway. I have done touch ups twice already when I discovered kitty and chicken footprints.

Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous boy! Tuca is kind of an adolescent now and sneaks in with us on the bed early in the morning instead of crawling in when I go to bed. She gets tuckered out and likes to snooze in the dirt.

Mars stays around all day and she sleeps underneath plants in the bed outside the kitchen door.

Here's our gorgeous boy Blanco again - he is an easy target for the mean cats since you can always see him!

So the others not shown are Dakota (the one we brought with us), Pollo, Puff, and Stripes. We love the cats!


Mike said...

Great update - love the cat posts! I guess I lost my bet on Blanchito, though. Hope he/she found a nice home.

Anonymous said...

Rip is looking very handsome as he matures. The picture of Chicken getting 'rolled' in the pot is too wonderful! I just love the kitty legs of the 'roller' in the foreground. Too funny. Thanks for the kit pix.


Rosa said...

Great pictures of the family! Love your cat post too! Glad to have seen you we are back in jersey..back to work :(