Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff Around the Place

Blanco and Pollo lazing around in their little nest on a hot August day.

Why Tuca has decided she has to go between the cushions and the towel I have over them on the cat couch I have no idea but this is her latest thing. It is comical when the lump moves and the other cats sitting on her don't get it!

Rip still doesn't understand his good fortune - every dish is his and he puts his feet in to reserve it and growls and growls at the others who thunk him on the head...the he goes owwww.

Feet in an empty dish even after licking the other side clean! He awoke from his deep sleep after neutering and is as feisty as ever.

The torch ginger bloomed for the first time.

This ginger is 14 feet high maybe? Really tall and the flower is about 3 feet off the ground - there are several bright red waxy looking flowers.

Last weekend Shacks had FLAT water and David and I had a good dive out there.

We scouted around for a new spot and headed further east in the cars to another entry point. It is a little more exposed here but if it is flat we may investigate! Conditions would have to be perfect since we can see the reef and waves would make getting back in really awful.

Stevia has got to be the weakest, pokiest to grow plant in the universe, but those little leaves are very sweet and tasty.

This vine is Malabar spinach which is a vining spinach good for temperatures between 80 and 90. Tastes a little nuttier than regular spinach but I am a nut fan so I really like it and need to try to propagate it.

The beehive ginger is blooming again and they look fake too. Interesting flowers...

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Anonymous said...

rip is still as cute as ever, he has such a cute face!