Monday, August 30, 2010

Jeff's Trip Last Month Part 2

The next day I played Ultimate Frisbee for 3 hours. I couldn’t walk the next few days. I did hook up with some Kayak Polo players and was able to join them for a game. I wasn’t used to the 90 degree feather on the paddle so I was afraid I was going to fall in all the time. It was fast paced and a lot of fun. After a long day in the Toronto airport I finally got to Seattle. My mom arrived from Maine just 30 minutes before I arrived. My sister picked us up. I got to see my cute little niece and nephew in the morning. That day was spent visiting and washing clothes. Hopefully I was careful and didn’t bring any Bedbugs with me from the Hotel in Toronto. I swear I had few dozen bites by them that have now mostly gone away. Just after arriving in Toronto I read in the daily paper that they have an epidemic and one in four hotels has them! I went backpacking with my friends Rob and Jeff in the Alpine Lakes area. It was just one night but it was a lot of fun. At the end of the 9 mile hike there are nice clear and cold little lakes. I was hot so I dove in. I was only in for a few minutes but when I got out I was numb from the glacier fed cold water. Rob did some fly fishing and caught some tiny trout to supplement his dinner. Another friend, Dave DeJong couldn’t make it Saturday but he did hike in 5 miles (barefoot) to greet us and then hiked out (again barefoot for 3 miles of it). Don’t ask me why he was barefoot but it was good to see him.

The start of the hike. Rob and Jeff taking a quick rest.

Lots of big trees!

Almost at our destination I decide to cool off in a glacier fed alpine lake.

Just a short scramble up some big rocks.
Our camp site.

Rob doing some fishing.
Rob's big catch and yes he did have it for dinner.

My sister suggested that we take my mom to Leavenworth for the day. We had a nice time.

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