Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Really Cool Bugs

The sun is back and things are good! It's 100 on the roof and 84 inside with a nice breeze. For the last week I have been doing inside things since I messed up my shoulder/neck and thumb doing who knows what. I am trying hard to keep myself from digging trails and planting/weeding/hacking stuff and decided to peek at some images I've made and think about trying to remember how to do website stuff. So here are some bugs...

This grasshopper looks like a leaf.

Another grasshopper - part of the evening quartet or symphony depending on the night. Violin section I believe.

This was the coolest thing ever - this moth/butterfly looks EXACTLY like a dry butterfly fly tree (Bahia?) leaf.

Robo bug - this was making a huge racket at night and the cats were mobbing it. When I would get close it would stop with the noise and it took a while to locate it. Reminds me of the replicators on whatever sci fi show that was.

Isn't this a lovely face?

This was a daylight thing. I was in the yard and these "thorns" were on my shirt. Turns out the thorns had eyes and legs.

Once a year these beauties try to strip the plumeria to the bone. Why this is a prime laying spot for whoever lays the eggs here I do not know, but they don't go on to anything else. So that's the odd bug tour for now. I'm trying to make a calabaza candy that I don't think is turning out. I need more calabaza recipes (yes, these are great with beans).


Rosa said...

Amazing pictures! I love how close you can get to the insects with your camera. The colors are so vivid, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried flan de calabaza yet? You have to like flan in the first place, some people don't.

Another recipe that my wife remembers from Venezuela is calabaza cream soup. Again, you have to like soups in the first place. She makes it with chicken broth, light cream, and a bit of ginger. You can also add chopped carrots. I have replaced the ginger with bacon and its pretty good too.

Buen Provecho!

H Jr.