Monday, March 1, 2010

March Flowers and Clean-up

Everything has been dry and all the leaves have been falling for a month now. Every has looked kind of sick. Then we got a minuscule amount of rain and some dew at night and whalla! avocado blossoms.

We haven't gotten fruit off of this bendy avocado before but when cleaning up I saw blossoms...hooray! I also found a bunch of calabaza as I was machete -ing around.
The firecracker plants have grown and are now exploding in fuchsia flowers.

I've been working on trails and putting in vetiver so it has a chance to get rooted before the rains come. This little vetiver hedge is above the coffee plants in an area that turns into a river. Will the first rain take out my trail? I hope not.

Flowers and chickens. That's "double comb" and his bitches...There wasn't anything on this hillside and I'd like trinitaria mounds to cover it eventually.

A new trail connecting the peanut butter fruit tree to the butterfly tree that now has ginger under it. Just below the trail new the river are coffee shrubs.

The coffee shrubs are blooming and the flowers smell amazing - kind of like jasmine.

This avocado is blooming and the heliconias along side are spectacular this year.

Lots of fake looking flowers that last and last and last until they take out a wad of soil and tumble down the slope.

This "shooting star" bush is around 8 x 10 feet! It keeps putting out suckers and I am letting it take over!

The flowers are pretty neat and the purple foliage is a nice change of pace instead of green.


Cassie said...

Oh your gardens, flowers and plants make me so jealous; I'm definitely getting spring fever! Have you been able to collect any eggs from the chickens? If you want to, you might encourage them to sit in a nest if you put one of those fake easter eggs filled with sand into a box with some hay or grasses. Or you can use a golf ball too. We put just one or two of those "seed eggs" into the nesting boxes and they always go into those ones with the fake eggs...I need to email you guys so we can set up something to get together!

Mandy and Rob said...

Greetings from Cyprus, enjoyed your blog, great photo's, Regards