Monday, March 1, 2010

March Fruit

I have given up on veggies almost until I can get the aquaponics thing going. The cucumbers are looking good though - they always turn out nice.

It has been crazy-calabaza-time -- probably a dozen calabaza and I never planted any! I did let one rot on the hill and that spawned vines that crawled over the hillside and left fruit everywhere including on this fence! I've made calabaza flan and am thinking about barrigas de vieja and maybe ice cream. We also give them away to neighbors and friends. How many pumpkins can 2 people eat?

Since it is the dry time I have spent a couple long days watering which means a few connected heavy hoses around. When I was watering this canisteel I noticed a fruit!

This is our first canisteel we hope. It looks more like a mamey at this point (canisteels are yellow when ripe) but since they are in the same fruit family it makes sense they would look similar. I think it will turn yellow.

Bananas bananas bananas. Manzanas, the chalky triangle shaped ones, monte cristos and big ones like these. I like watching the birds go for nectar in the blossoms or for ripe fruit.

The Carambola is a really pretty tree with pretty pink blossoms and lots of fruit continuously. I thought we just finished all the fruit when I spot a few more clusters up top. You can cook with these and they are great...just eating them plain they are kind of boring. Saute them with butter, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar and they are great...cook them with chicken and almonds and onions (bake them). They also make a nice chutney. We go through phases with coconut water. Sometimes we can't get enough and other times we just don't care. All these beautiful coconuts and there are 4 more trees with just as many!

We finished up the oranges last week and now are working on the chinojas. They are good for juicing only.

We have a bunch of papayas. These are kind of the "normal" shape and size. Some of our others are long. Some are light on the inside and others are a deep mango color. If I eat a good one I plant the seeds.

These on the other hand are mammoth-sized! I hope they are good or that is a lot of bad papaya to eat!

The tamarind is still green. This is another pretty tree. I use the tamarind for Thai cooking. So there you have it...fruit in the yard.


Rosa said...

Beautiful land and vegetation! Great looking papayas! Nature is good, isn't it!

Rosa said...

Beautiful land and vegetation! Great looking papayas! Nature is good, isn't it!