Friday, October 23, 2009

Waterfalls in the Back garden

Jeff was able to get this little video of Tuesday's rain onto the blog. It isn't that interesting but here it is! I've scooped out 6 wheelbarrows of dirt so far. Should we go up a block? The vetiver is doing well up top, but I need to add some more grasses and things to slow down the water! What would a hurricane be like? I don't want to know.


Rosa said...

Mother nature at her best! It is impressive. I have to stay tune see what you come up with about not losing so much dirt, I have the same problem...hillside!

Anonymous said...

Rosa - The vetiver grass is doing a nice job up top and I continue to keep planting ornamental grasses on the sloped part. I think we will always have some moving dirt but I have reduced it a lot already!

Cassie - The refinery explosion has made no difference in our area (except a few paranoid people who lined up at gas stations). When we did our caving olympics on saturday a few members had trouble getting to it because roads were blocked etc.