Friday, October 2, 2009

My Washington St Visit

I have been having a great time visiting my family and friends. I got to meet my new niece and play with my nephew. He loves watching TV now. I say "TV Caiden" and he says "ok" and either stands in front of it or climbs on the couch with me. I timed my visit with my mom's visit so I could see her as well. One week is too short but I do miss Katrina and the 11 cats. We had a few good days of weather. Tomorrow its going to be cold and rainy but I'll be scuba diving from a boat so I'll be cold and wet anyways.

Shelly and Chloe

Caiden in his scuba gear.

Oops  Here's a picture of last Sunday's dive trip in the San Juan Islands. We found a "new" dive site of Blakely Island with huge rock fish and ling cod. Lots of big rockfish, much bigger than the fish we see in Neah Bay. Good terrain but the vis was only 15 feet. We dropped right down to our MOD of 120'.

Self portrait on Mt Pilchuck.

Anthony unprepared for a hike in the snow
Here's the gang (Anthony is taking the photo)
What you can't see is the howling wind. We took shelter in the lookout tower. No one wanted to go outside.

Kayak polo on Wednesday night. The weather was perfect, nice and still.

We played a little late in the evening. It got dark so we had to turn the big lights on.

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