Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inside Work for Those Rainy Bursts

We seem to be in a pattern of getting a little rain each afternoon (usually 2 or 3 tenths of an inch) - not much but enough to stop mowing or dirt related activities. I guess I have to start considering inside things now like the bathroom re do that we have been putting off, painting the inside (just because - doesn't really need it), and re upholstering the chairs. I decided to tackle the chairs since it was a short project that would just take a few hours. I headed to American Fabric and Plastics and picked out the most sensible outdoor fabric I could. With 11 cats white was not working out.

The chairs were this off white color. Who can have that in their house? Who lives like that? Cats and people are the priority here so I wanted something that would hold up to cats sitting on them, me sitting there with dirt on my pants etc etc. There weren't too many choices but I did find one that would work and be kind of tropical as well. I loved the blue ones and blue/green striped fabrics but our cats vary from dark striped to orange to white and they all have muddy feet when it has been raining!

The hardest thing was getting all the old staples out (lots of finger work). After that I wrapped the new fabric right over the old and stapled it. Then I put the backing back over it and stapled some more.

Whalla! A clean-for-awhile chair cushion! I figured this fabric was bright enough but with the darker background it was a decent choice.

Here's the finished chair - $15 for a yard of fabric and $20 for a staple gun I will whip out again when I redo them at a later date.

When it is rainy the cats, if they are in the vicinity, come running inside and tear around with their little feet slipping on the terrazzo. They knocked over this little cat condo and Tuca (the world's ugliest cute cat) tucked herself inside.

Here's a little cat caboose with Chicken as the conductor and Tuca bugging him. Cats are amusing!

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