Monday, October 19, 2009

On the Road

On the way home from diving we saw what looked like two trees driving south on Highway 2. We always see interesting things on the road. This though we couldn't quite believe - two pick ups full to the brim with tree cuttings.

The little red stripe on the left is what you can see of the pickup through the trees.

A happy driver gives us a wave (is his tire a little flat?) You can see that all these limbs are tied up into the truck bed.

We live only 6 minutes off highway two but it feels like miles and miles away. This little group of horses was just strolling on the roadside looking for nibblies.

Here's the little horse family doing their best to take over the road. Always something interesting that you see only in Puerto Rico!

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Anonymous said...

i love seeing the horses roam like that :) it is kind of showing how simple it is there