Thursday, October 30, 2008

Solar Dehydrator Meets Guineos

Well it is guineo time again, just when you think it is over! Guineo ninos, manos, Monte Cristo. I don't know which ones these are, but a whole bunch were ripe all at once (as always). They are up pretty high so we can't sneak them 10 at a time - we have to wait until the banana falls or leans. But here they are sliced fairly thin.

This is the tray that slides into the solar dehydrator that Jeff made. He made it awhile ago but I think he's tired of blogging and just never got around to posting anything about it. I didn't dip the bananas in lemon juice or anything. Just sliced them and laid them out.

Here they are with the tray in position inside the device. Plexiglas from Home Depot is on top, there is some tin painted black under the tray and some space around all the sides for circulation. The pipe gets the convection going and it has a little hat to keep rain out. For these guineos it took a couple days because we are getting rainy afternoons. So far Jeff hasn't died eating any so it appears things are drying out enough. He does have some desiccant inside a zip lock for storage and he enjoys his evening TV and dried guineo snacks!


Fran and Steve said...

Steve's going to want to check out that solar dehydrator whenever we get to PR (not soon, I'm afraid). He likes to tinker making contraptions that use solar for various things. It would be nice for him to see a working model! Fran

Anonymous said...

awesome!! do you use that often?