Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Down on the Road and Up on the Hill

Only in Puerto Rico can you see unescorted cows, horses and turkeys roaming around the roads. Seeing them tied up alongside the highway is one thing, but strolling along behind a van (like the one roped to the tow ball) or taking a wander alone is another. Another odd sight is people stopping to cut grass and stuffing it into their trunks...or stopping in the middle of the road so they can pop out for a few mangos (never mind the cars stacking up behind them). I really like seeing all this stuff.

Another thing that amazes me is how many horses look down on us from the backs of mini-pickups! When we dive up in Aguadilla we are on the road for an hour and we always see horses in the back of trucks. They are always in little trucks and their heads are high and sometimes their tails swing down to the bumper. The most we've seen in a mini pickup is 3 full grown large horses!

This gruesome photo is of the evil death log that you may recall from our previous cat stories. This is the death log after we used pruners to break it open and release a cute little guy. Later the orange guy got stuck in the same log because it had a secret entrance from the other end that we didn't know about.

And yes, it's another cute kitten photo. This is the little white guy that was stuck in that log. S/he is romping around happily in the yard now.

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Fran and Steve said...

I’ve been meaning to comment on the picture of the adorable white kitten, who reminds me of my last cat, Goose, who passed away at 17 a couple of years ago. She was white also, and a Manx as well. I would watch her stalk her prey by crouching in tall grass or behind bushes. She thought she was cleverly camouflaged, not realizing that her white coat was the most noticeable object in the yard! Never had much luck, maybe that’s why she always had a bad attitude. Either that, or it was because she didn’t have a tail to flick to express herself! Fran