Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Orchids and a Pitahaya

We've got orchids hanging in baskets under the Maria Tree and a couple of them are blooming! This one had a couple sprays like this one (they are at the end but nice anyway).

This is the first time I have seen this large one bloom. For an orchid this is a pretty large flower!

A friend just gave us this orchid this weekend - believe it or not it is vanilla bean - the kind you cook with! I don't know what I thought the plant would look like, but I didn't realize that vanilla is an orchid! I haven't decided where to train it - probably just on the Maria Tree branch (one that isn't covered in Philodendron).

What is this thing a photo of? When we got here there was barbed wire along the driveway fencing off what is now guineo/papaya land . We didn't like all the fencing and wanted to put the bottom area to use so we took it down. There were however a couple of these super heavy and immovable cement posts. Hmmm, what can I do with those? They look weird. So I have planted a Pitahaya (dragon fruit) and am training it up the post and then will connect the two posts with some sort of structure for it. The dragon fruit is a cactus that produces flowers over 2 feet across!!! The fruit is kind of cool as well. I have only had it dried but this plant has cool factor! Do a web search on it and take a look at the fruit and flowers - way way cool!


Fran and Steve said...

How did you discover such a plant??? I had never heard of the pitahaya before. I googled it and found that it produces AMAZING fruit that look like works of art! Your mysterious cement columns must have been placed there by an alien civilization, for the express purpose of a Garden Goddess to come along and plant pitahayas! ;)Fran

Anonymous said...

Hi Fran - I have always been into the weird and wonderful plants. I've had black gardens and green flowering gardens, I had hardy banana and bamboo and a windmill palm and kiwis in Washington state. I had parcha (passion fruit) in Washington state as well and it flowered but never got fruit! If there is a fruit you eat and like plant the seed! Next on my list is the bat flower (forget the real name). No fruit but one hell of a neat looking flower!

Minerva said...

congrats on orchids and on pittahaya :-) Do you know there was some sort of an orchid exchibit/ competition (?) last weekend (?) at Mayaguez Mall? I passed it briefly ogling all amazing kinds of orchids last Thursday promising myself to get back on Friday to study it in a more leiserly fashion, but Friday morning a stomach flu got the best of me, so I could not return... :-((