Friday, October 17, 2008

Leaf Patterns in the Yard

This is an image of agave. I like the radiating design of this plant. The tips of each leaf have a thorn like a nail on it. I won't be moving it ever and I made sure I weeded a big circle around it so I never have to reach under it! When I first got it I used fingernail clippers to snip off the nails so I wouldn't get poked much planting it.
Another plant...Zamia.

Croton is one of the nicest plants around. There are many different colors and leaf structures. It makes a nice hedge around 6 feet tall (some varieties are taller).

Another version of Zamia.

This is the underside of Black Taro. There are many different textures and patterns in the yard. Leaves, tree bark, flowers. Spider webs and insects.