Monday, July 28, 2008

Yesterday's Spearfishing

Yesterday I went spearfishing with a new friend Pucho (thanks Pucho). I am still learning the ropes so I didn't get too many fish. We spent about 4 hours in the water, swimming and swimming. I am not usually the one to get tired but yesterday I got tired. It was a lot of fun but not easy to get fish. At this rate I burned more calories than were in the small fish I got. These fish are fast! I took probably 20 shots and only hit the one. In Washington St spearfishing was much easier. Its much harder here but its more fun. We bought about 10 pounds of fish from Sam's Club today. Hopefully it will be the last time we have to buy fish. Today the weed trimmer broke and we took it back to Sears. Its going to be around 3 weeks to be fixed. Maybe I'll use that time to go spearfishing but now I have to find a good trimmer. Sears and Home depot don't have ones that are good enough. I don't know were to find one.

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Summer said...

Your post about your weed trimmer couldn't have been timed better. Ha. The lawn mower broke (again) today and we were just talking about how Home Depot and Sears don't have anything that can withstand normal PR use. Stefan knows of a couple of local places that we are going to try (PR Wire, for one), so we'll let you know. :)