Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Blogs and an Arte y Pico Award

It seems like every now and then we stumble on to a blog of someone who for one reason or another has decided to move to PR. There definitely is a common thread in all these blogs. We have different perspectives but we all go through the same experiences moving here.

Minerva just awarded us the Arte y pico award. Thank you Minerva. Her blog is
http://retirement-merry-go-round.blogspot.com/  Although shes not in PR right now her cats are and she will be coming back.

I will put this blog in the Links block on the right hand side of our blog. It will go next to Summer and Stefan's blog http://ca2pr.com/ Fortunately we found their blog before we moved here so we were able to learn a few things before we moved here. I am sure there are more blogs out there with similar content but sometimes its not easy to find them.


Cassie and Britton said...

This is so great. I wonder how many other people are moving to Puerto Rico from the mainland. We are still in the planning stages and awaiting more information about the tasacion (appraisal), plot plan, etc.

We're from Colorado and are also ready for the tropical life. I look forward to reading your blog more. I just found your blog today. What part of PR are you living in? We are probably going to be living in the mountainous area of Lares like jibaros. :-) We just started a blog recently as well: www.LifeTransPlanet.com

Take care.

Cassie and Britton

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Hello there - We are living in San German which is in the west about 20 minutes south of Mayaguez. We are at about 500 feet or so in the hills. Our blog starts off a few months before we moved here...enjoy! katrina

Cassie and Britton said...

Thanks! The site looks great. I am sure we can learn a lot from you both. We might have questions along the way. For instance, did you take all your stuff with you? I just priced it out and it was about $2/lb to ship. Pretty much any car is $2500 at least. For that price I think we'll just sell everything and start over, over there.

Anonymous said...

We shipped 63 boxes US mail. It cost a little over $2000. Probably 15 - 20 of those boxes were scuba gear and tools and many weighed above 60 pounds. 70 pounds is the limit for US mail. The rest was personal items and art work.

Craig's list is your friend! We sold everything worth over $25 on Craig's list! Every thing else was sold at 5 or 6 garage sales. We did very well selling our stuff. It took some time but we had plenty of time. You need to learn how to deal with people from Craig's list. You can spot the scams right away. You can also spot people who will just waist your time rather quickly. Only take cash, even if its for $5000. No Cashiers, bank, or personal checks!

Don't take deposits either. It causes big trouble. I don't even like to take full payment and have them get the item later.

There were two things that we didn't do so well with. One was a nice entertainment center and the other was our minivan. We needed the minivan until a few weeks before we left. With only 3 weeks to sell I had to lower the price at least $1500 more than we could have got if we gave it more time.

Cars are about $2000 more here than in the states. We bought a 2000 Chevy s10 with only 65K miles for $6500. It was best deal we could find. They have a lot of used cars from the states with over 100K miles and they want over $10K for them.

There is nothing we shipped that I wish we hadn't. I actually wish there were a few more things from the garage that I had shipped. Some things just cost to much to buy again.


Mystik Muses said...

Hi Guys,
My husband and I just love your blog, we are in the very early stages of planning our move to the island in 2013. We also read CA2PR. You guys are so helpful to us while in this early planning stage, thank you. Also I wanted to tell you we currently have an english mastiff female, she is 9 going on 10 and everytime I come across a Wally post it makes me cry so, they are so much alike, gentle giants, we love her dearly and will be very sad to see her go. I am also quite fond of gardening and just can't wait for the big move, we are currently living in Colorado and are extremely tired of the cold. We will try to visit as many times as possible before the big move, we have a trip set up for May 11th-17th this year(had to keep it short), this blog of yours keeps us excited and constantly working toward our goal, I can't thank you enough. Maybe one day we'll meet.
Thanks again, I look forward to reading more about the adventures of the Kruse's in PR. :)
Leslie Jackson (and hubby Mike)