Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eating Out...Occasions Occasions Occasions

June 30 was our 12th anniversary and we ate out. We headed to Cilantros in Hormigueros and drove around until we realized we couldn't find it (like maps help...right)? When we called the number had been temporarily disconnected...whatever that means. We ended up at Joyuda watching Tarpon swim around and eating some nicely prepared grouper and snapper. This time the occasion was my 48th birthday - how did THAT happen? I wanted to eat at a roadside stand so after diving we headed to the Carbon Pollo on the way from Ramey to highway 2 through Aquadilla. We each had a half a chicken and a bunch of viandas. There were onions, yucca, name, sweet batata and regular potatoes. It was all very very yum. We drove it to the observation turnout off 2 and looked out on calm waters while we ate the stash. I am pleased to say we will be dining "roadside" more often! It was not 4 or 5 bucks like we had heard, it was 14 for 2 people. We'll have to sample some other ones. We picked this one because there are always people lined up and the little birds are always spinning on their rotisserie when we pass it on the way to Shacks - looks like 20 or so chickens. High turnover at a roadside place seems like a good thing. When I was doing art fairs I sometimes (out of desperation) had to eat fair food. I had a rule - "only eat fried - at least it has been cooked at a temperature hot enough to kill everything!"


Minerva said...

I know the toadside stand you mention, but have not eaten there yet. But will try it next time I pass it hungry.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy street food, too. I definitely brake for alcapurrias de carne--my fave PR fast food. If you ignore my occasional whim for fine French cuisine, you could call me a cheap date. You are wise to be picky about the spot, however. Fran