Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cat Colony - Better Than Internet or TV

Here is another potential member of our cat colony. We decided "no more" and then he showed up! Jeff can twiddle on the internet or watch TV for hours but I've got to be doing something. Usually I prefer physical stuff but the body can only work for so many hours so my past times are touring the yard, counting the fruit, watching the chickens and playing with the cats!

This little guy looks a lot like Chicken Little but is smaller and has green eyes instead of golden ones. The temporary name is Pollo Pequeno (small Chicken). This won't be his real name if he sticks around.

Chicken Little has gotten bigger (the neighbor thinks he looks pregnant). Here he is with Pollo Pequeno giving him a sniff and a little jostling. Chicken Little is the welcoming committee and is very sociable. All the cats like this little guy so maybe he can join in.

Here is Junior (his balls have dropped so we will bring him in soon) and Chicken Little and Princess. There is a little dirt patch under the Maria Tree that they all seem to like. It is also the killing area for gecko eating and playing. We think we found a low cost spay/neuter clinic in Mayaguez - more on that later.

Princess is getting a little larger I think and is definitely a happier, healthier kitty! She has a lot more energy and really tears around playing and hunting geckos. We still can't touch her though which is disappointing. If I sit in a chair with my legs horizontal on the bench together she will sometimes crawl onto my legs and bite my knee, rub on my calves, and bear hug my legs. Then she'll bite my shoes and undo the laces. She'll come in the house to chase balls with bells in them but we can't pick her up or pet her ...yet. Someday!

So the kitties are endless hours of amusement for me. They trail me around the yard "helping" when I sweep, trim things etc. They chase rakes, trowels, hedge trimmers etc and like to be underfoot. When I need a break they are usually hanging out and I drag a stick with a piece of bathing suit on the end of it around and we play race track. Yes - kitties are fun.


Minerva said...

It is good to be hopeful, Katrina, but it is possible that Princess will never be comfortable being picked up. My beautiful, now lost Shark was like that. She came to me to save her and her babies from the hurricane, she let me pet her, then brush her, then she came to sit on my lap and even rolled over positioning herself so that I would rub her belly, but during the alsmost three years that she lived in my house(s), she never became comfortable being picked up. She was so shy and so cautious. Too cautious in the wrong way, as she ran out when I was moving in March and I have never seen her again.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

I'm not overly hopeful...just happy to be able to see her spunky, putting on a little weight and acting like a happy kitten. Chicken Little and Junior (the next on the neuter list) are the friendly ones (males) and this new little one I think is a guy. Don't really want a "colony but just a stable healthy group that hangs out. katrina

Summer said...

There is a group of three black cats (one momma, two kittens) that are moving closer and closer to our property. Although I can tell that they are eternally feral (no picking up allowed), I have been thinking about putting food out for them on the property line. I just don't know if I can emotionally invest myself into more animals. I'm totally too much of a bleeding heart. Cheech would have never made it into our family if he was able to fend for himself. Since we happened upon him at such a young age, he is totally attached to us and loves nothing more then being carried around the yard, or curled up with us on the couch, purring like a madman. Although, he is not a prissy kitty. He drinks out of puddles, lounges under the cars with the dogs and hunts all night long. Cheech's favorite thing ever is eating out of his bowl, while I rub his tummy (weird, huh? But it makes him purr like crazy), but if he had to live the life of most Puerto Rican kitties, he would survive for sure.