Monday, February 4, 2008

CRIM Makes Me Cringe. Trip 1

Personally I thought 5 trips to CESCO was excessive. Today we went to CRIM so we could fill out a piece of paper so we don't have to pay property tax. Here in PR you don't have to pay property tax on your first house but you need to fill out a form to take advantage of the exclusion. We got there at 11:45AM. We took a number (74). They were serving number 35 and the small dirty room was full of people. No one was at the only window. They were out to lunch until 1pm. We left. We went to our mortgage company to see if they could help. They told us what we needed CRIM to do. It's not the $13 a YEAR we will save in not having to pay our property taxes that drives us to CRIM. It's the problem that the tax department doesn't recognize that we own the house until we get the paperwork to show our name. It could be a real problem if we ever sell the house.So we will try again in the middle of the week early in the morning. We were told this is a good time to go.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, going to the CRIM is like going to Pulgatory. It used to be just as bad in the Water Authority which now is more customer oriented.

Good luck. :)