Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Busy Week for the Kruse's

-new kitchen sink and faucets.
-new light fixture in Kitchen.
-CRIM taken care of.
-windsurfing practiced.
-raised bed by 8" using 2x8's.
-built a shelf for the microwave so it's not on the counter.
-new light fixture in hallway.
-cleared the upper right corner of our yard.
-pruned Aceola tree
-pruned Orange trees
-planted traveler's palm
-planted Neem tree
-cleaned the gravel area near the fountain dividing plants and relocating them to along the
-enjoyed the Ponce Carnival Parade
-harvested and eaten too many Corazons
-built tomato cages (just in time - there are already little fruits on the 4 foot high plants)
-befriended Holstein a roving kitty who has started curling up outside our door
-taken "Little Boy" (aka Dakota) our inside cat on escorted excursions outdoors
-discovered 9 little chickens trailing their momma across the yard
-got new socks (my feet have been really hurting - stone floors are wonderful but hard and it doesn't help that I am balancing on stumps to clear brush and standing in crotches of trees to harvest and prune...and I am using snorkling fins when diving which means I am walking across limestone and sticks and stuff barefoot)

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Minerva said...

Impressive! Your fun work activities make me feel slightly jealous, since I did not even take the time to go to Ponce to see the carnival. I had too much of - in a large part self inflicted "should have been done yesterday" work at the institute, so I though - nex year I'll play more. But now reading this I am thinking: I am retired for heavens sake, I need to play more, work less, so I need to rething this "working retirement" scheme... ;-)