Thursday, January 31, 2008

CESCO (DMV) Trips Number 4 and 5

On Tuesday we went to the DMV to schedule our practical driving test. I thought we could schedule it any but it had to be the next day. Our wait wasn't very long, only about 20 minutes. We (Katrina) asked Amparo if she would go with us to the DMV tomorrow so the examiner could copy Amparo's license number down on the driving test form. Katrina was able to communicate all that to Amparo in Spanish. It's so ludicrous for us to have to bring her. I had a hard time at the DMV understanding what they were telling me in English! Yesterday (trip #5) we drove back to CESCO with Amparo this time. We got in line to take the driving test. About 20 minutes later it was our turn. It was a very easy test and we both passed. Now we are official Puerto Ricans or "Gringo Boricua" as someone else put it. The license looks like it was made in the 80's. At least it's good for 5 years. A funny side story... Katrina and I are bad with names. A few weeks after we moved in we had to ask our other neighbors what Amparo's name was. We had been talking to her a few times already and we really wanted to call her by the correct name. The funny thing is she has been calling me Jack and Katrina Kristina. At first we didn't catch it because of the accent but as we had other conversations with her it was clear. So we tried to call each other by name when we were talking to her but that didn't work. Maybe it was our accent this time. So yesterday when we were showing our licenses and paper work Amparo saw our names. We all got a good laugh.

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Monks said...

The name thing really is funny. I went through that with a few guys here that helped me work on the house. So many people here are related that the families are in the 100's. Introduction sometimes seem a little over padded when I hear; "This is my cousin, Albert and my other cousin, Roberto" later to find out Roberto is really Johny...there are just so many cousins it is too hard to keep track of everyones name!