Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Steps Beach/Tres Palmas Reserva/Playa Escalera

We did a lot of yard work the last couple of days so we took today off. We went to Steps Beach in Rincon for a little snorkeling. We got lucky in that the water was calm. I think this spot is also known for good surfing but not today.

This is a great snorkeling spot and might also be a great shallow dive site. Its a reserve (one of only a few) so no collecting is allowed (theoretically). This is a special spot where there is lots of elkhorn coral. There are studies taking place here.

The reef starts right away. As soon as you slip in the water you will see the elkhorn coral like in this picture.

If you go out a little further you will find a lot of sea fans like these. There are a lot of fish and invertebrates to see here also.

Take the 115 to Rincon, Go through the town. Just outside of the town you will see this sign on your left. The beach is a short distance down the street.

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mkt3000 said...

omg, that's phenomenal snorkelling. I really need to get out there soon, maybe next weekend.

Have you guys had a chance to dive the wall off of Guanica yet?