Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Too Much Pressure!

Last night around 11:30pm I went to bed. As I passed by the living room I heard some noise in the laundry room. The new hot water system was venting water through the pressure relief valve. Early that evening we noticed that the water dispenser in the fridge door was dispensing water much faster than normal. No long wait for your glass to fill. So I shut the water off and went to bed. Our neighbor, Amparo, came over in the morning and conveyed the message that there was a problem with her water last night. It was the coupling I fixed after I ran over it with the lawn mower. It was spewing water like a fountain. The coupling came off. I repaired it. Then I was off to get a new pressure reg and pressure gauge. I was already going to Mayaguez to pick up my vice at Sears. One thing I learned is every time your going to go to Sears, bring all your receipts for the last 30 days, and any receipts for items you have on order. After leaving the DMV yesterday we were at the mall when I got a phone call from Sears saying my vice was in. No, I did not have the receipt because I was not expecting the vice to be in! It was too funny. Here is a picture of my new pressure gauge. Note the pressure!!! 160PSI, I saw it go to 180psi!!!!! Needless to say the water is off now until I put the new regulator in.

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Vicious Summer said...

Too much water pressure in Puerto Rico?! I never thought there could be such a problem...:)! I wonder if I mow over a neighbors water line, it would increase our water pressure...hmmmmmmm