Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sorry Mr Eel

Since I was going in the water Gerd asked me to unwrap the chain to his buoy and boat. I tried a few times without my mask on with no luck. I got my mask and snorkel and tried again. The chain was wrapped around a pipe a few feet under water. I dove down and grabbed onto the pipe. I put my thumb in the end of the pipe to gain purchase and begin pulling the chain free. As soon as I moved my thumb it exploded in pain!
I stood up and looked at my bloody thumb. I was confused for a minute until Gerd said I was bit by the Moray Eel living in the pipe and why did I stick my thumb in the pipe? It was a small eel and the 4 bite marks were small so as soon as the pain stopped I tried to move the chain again, this time being careful of the end of the pipe. I never was able to get the chain around the pipe.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff and Katrina,

It looks like you are well onto your new adventure. Wow, grab life by the horns....

You missed a huge storm her in the Pacific NW the last few days. Hurricane winds at the coast and about 3" of rain this weekend inland.

Katrina, email me when you want to talk about your work....