Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting a Drivers Licence Trip number 2

A few weeks ago we went to Crash boat beach in Aguadilla. As a side trip we stopped at the CESCO (DMV) office to start the process on getting a driver licence. We learned about some of the process from Stefan and Summer's blog ( We got the form from CESCO, we went to the Dr's and had them fill out the form saying we had two arms and legs and that we had a head. They stated we could walk and said I had 20/20 vision (because I don't wear glasses) and that Katrina has 20/25 vision because she wears contacts. Then we went to the IRS dept and each bought a $10 stamp and a $1 stamp. Then off to the barbers to get our photos taken, yes I said barbers. Then to the pharmacy to pick up the $3 English version of the driving manual. We thought we were prepared so today we went to the CESCO office in Mayaguez and wanted to take the test. We brought our Washington Drivers licences, our SS cards, our Passports, our Birth certificates (THEY KEEP THE BIRTH CERTIFICATES) and then we stood in line. We didnt wait long, about 10 minutes and then the POWER went OUT! We were next in line! When the person in front of us finished we walked up and said hello. We asked about the process and if we could take the test. While we were learning the process the lights came on. That's good we thought, we can take the test. But as the CESCO employee checked our paperwork and documents she said she needed our MARRIAGE Certificate! So we just drove back home and are eating lunch right now. In a few minutes we drive back to CESCO and try again to take the WRITTEN test. (The driving part of the test is a whole nother story to be continued)


Vicious Summer said...

Your marriage certificate?! Now why on earth would they need that?! I swear that all of these Puerto Rico run offices (CESCO, the water authority, the power company), make things up so you have to make multiple trips to their offices. From what I've heard, it's easier to get a Puerto Rican drivers license by telling them you've never had a license and start from scratch. Rather then providing all of the useless documents (current drivers license, birth certificate, passport, social security card and, apparently, your marriage certificate (haha), you can just take the written test, driving test and you're done. I havn't done it myself, yet, but this is what I've been told.

Oh, and next time you go to the CESCO with the documents they asked you to bring, they will tell you that they DIDN'T keep your birth certificate and you will need to get another one. I'm serious.

Jeff said...

Katrina took my last name so her birth certificate showes her fathers last name. They said they needed "Proof" that she got married and changed her name! The passport, DL, and SS card wernt engough proof!

What you suggested is what we are doing. We now have our learners permit! In 31 days we can go back and MAKE an APPOINTMENT to take the Driving test. Then when we go back to take the driving test we need to bring someone who has a PR drivers licence! I hate to impose on our new friends here and ask them to go to the DMV with us while we take the driving test!

Just insane! Oh, and the writen test was on PAPER! Take a step back to the early 80's!