Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Yard is Shapping Up and Every Time We Step on the Scale We Lose a Few More Pounds!

The yard is starting to be under control. I almost have the lower section all knocked down. So far I have spent about 15 hours and figure I have about 5 more to go. It sure burns a lot more calories than sitting at a desk all day! So far I have lost 12#'s and I am not watching what I eat. Katrina doesn't want to admit it but she has also lost a few pounds. Soon all the real intensive work will be done. Then its just maintaining it. It was almost a year since some of the yard was worked on. It looks good.
Katrina cleaned up the front yard. The debris filled the back of our pickup 3 times on just the front yard alone!

This is what I have been tackling. Some of the weeds are over my head! Yesterday I got into something very itchy! I couldn't stand it. It was like someone put itching powder in my shirt. I had to shower immediately and use soap 5 times! It drove me crazy for about 30 minutes. Today I got a little itchy but was able to go through 3 tanks of gas on the weed whacker before I had to shower.

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