Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where is the Proof Where the Money Came From...

Hurray we finally got on line. DSL and cable were not available, we had to go wireless. It's a bit expensive ($60/m) and isn't as fast (only 256k) as cable but we (I) am happy to be back on line.
The picture above is yesterdays harvest. There is the meat from only two coconuts in the container on the left. We made rice with the coconut water. It tastes wonderful. We could harvest a lot more every day if we wanted to but there is only one avocado left to pick. Now that we finally got our mailing address worked out (the first address the post office gave us was wrong and our mail went to a relative of the previous owner of the house). It was time to get a bank account set up. Up till now we have been paying for stuff with $100 bills. We get funny looks and increased scrutiny when we do. Now we know why, even the bank won't accept $100 bills from new customers without proof of where the money came from!!! It's absurd. We came in with a check from a very well known financial institution. We didn't want to cash the check we just wanted to put it in our new account and when the check cleared we wanted to have access to the money. Sounds reasonable right? Well, we were in the bank for an hour getting it ok'ed. They wanted proof that we sold our house and the check came from that sale. We had to show them passports, SS cards, and Drivers licenses. Now it could be up to 3 weeks before they clear the check.


Anthony said...

How come only white people on here? Where's the Asian? ;-)
I can take care of those Caballos for you!

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Sorry you couldnt make it Anthony. I hope you can get some time to visit us. I'll be back in Washington in April. I hope to see you then.