Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We are in Puerto Rico!

It’s Friday night, we have been here one full day. My sister went into labor just about the time she was going to drive us to the airport. We had already set up a backup plan just in case and we are glad we did. Dave came to the rescue and was our chauffer for the trip. Just before he came over our cat decided he was going to be a problem. We have kept him indoors for months now because the last fight messed his eyes up so much. His eyes have been fine now for weeks. We don’t know what happened but one pupil was dilated and the other was all goopy. He was messed up but we were going despite him! The people we have met have been very nice. The previous owners have really been wonderful and they are great people. They have really helped us with the PR house while we weren’t living in it. They had the yard cleaned up before we arrived. It was a jungle before they cleaned it up. INTERUPTION: A Puerto Rican Screech owl just started calling in a tree near by! How exciting. When I get internet access here at home I’ll post a link to the sound that the PR Screech Owl makes. I have the sound as my ringtone on my cell phone. END INTERUPTION What were we expecting, leaving the house for 9 months, a house that’s in the jungle! Actually I wish we had pictures of it. I thought the grass might be knee high and a bunch of rotten fruit and leaves would be on the ground, not vines covering the porch iron works and 6’ bushes all over. The flights were easy. Seattle to Washington DC to San Juan. Then a 2 ½ hour drive. We took the cat on the plane and put him under the seat. It counted as a carry on and still cost and extra $85! We had his health certificate, rabies vaccination, and a form for PR that wasn’t even looked at. There is no quarantine for cats and dogs to PR, thank goodness, otherwise he probably would have had a stroke. Heck, he probably had a stroke just before we left. He is already the dumbest cat I have met so he really couldn’t get any dumber. I‘ll let Katrina write about all the sounds we hear at night. All I’ll say is that it is loud and the sounds aren’t from people. Tomorrow we look for a vehicle. Even though we shipped 63 boxes US mail we are basically starting our lives over. We do have a bed but only one cheap plastic chair. We haven’t showered yet because there is no hot water. We have someone coming on Monday to price a Solar Hotwater system. Untill then we will be taking short showers in the afternoon when its warm out. The mornings are in the 70’s. That’s enough for now. I’ll let Katrina write a post or two.

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