Thursday, November 8, 2007

Katrina's First Impressions

She said... (Katrina's view)
We've been here for a bit now so I will hit the highlights!
JELLY ROLLS - The old owners of our house brought us a Guava Jelly Roll and Queso Jelly Roll. These little goodies are delightful vanilla cake rolls with filling that everybody here loves! When we went to Ricomini Bakery to get some more we ran into Elvin...the guy who sold us our house. Jelly rolls come in seasonal flavors and always queso (cheese). I am looking forward to mango and passionfruit.
BIG HEAD PINEAPPLES - The old owners brought us a Lajas big headed pineapple that made great pancakes, and just plain good eating!
NIGHT SOUNDS - At 6 am and pm all hell breaks loose as the sounds of our jungle/barnyard come alive. There are insects, and coqui frogs, regular frogs, birds, cows, horses, roosters, pigeons...the orchestra plays together so completely it is hard to distinguish individual voices. Sometimes the sounds crescendo and decrescendo and then we can hear popping sounds or just the coquis.In the morning it is like the Wizard of Oz when the roosters start. The first rooster starts up and the the others join in and it is like a round or like the "wave" in the stadiums - the next rooster ur ur ur ur urrrrrr, then ur ur ur ur urrrr and it goes all around the mountains we now call our jungle home. I had dreams of the monkey scene in Wizard of Oz since the roosters get hoarse after all the "ur" ing.
PUERTO RICAN SCREECH OWLS - The call of this owl has been our ringtone for months, but we never ever thought we would hear one for real. In the middle of the night we get up and answer the phone but it is a screech owl outside in our yard calling to another one in our forest! Just lovely and exciting!

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