Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cats and Flowers..What More Do You Want?

After a little rain I went in the yard and discovered a nasty smell and found that all my cactus-like fly trapper plant packets were popping open. The packets are really cool looking and remind me of the little packet of goodness I ate while visiting St. Maartin - a packet that was phyllo dough filled with nuts and melted cheese and some fig or something. Yummy. These packets however don't have the same pleasant aroma but look like little presents in the yard and remind me also of sea stars. Also I noticed my pathetic little "stick" had a gigantic bigger-than-the plant flower on it! This is a special type of hibiscus that is a pretty deep red/black. It will be spectacular when there is a whole bush covered in these flowers.

It is also the time of year the white ginger blooms and sends its heady scent into the air where it just hangs in the humidity. It is lovely. In front of the house, where there were two little flat grass patches I planted a bunch of butterfly attracting flowers that do their job really well. Hummingbirds also are drawn to the front to what I've planted and also to the Manjack tree which is the best tree ever for birds and bees and butterflies. The lantana blooms always, especially if you give it frequent haircuts. Orchids are popping and gingers are winding down. The hanging heliconias are starting to fade but are still impressive too.
All the cats are doing now is napping since it is the nasty, sticky hot time of year with air so still it suffocates.
Jackie and the others all think that if their butt is hidden no one can see them. Tuca and Chicken look like conjoined twins or like they are doing patty-cakes in their sleep! All of them love to roll in the gravel when they aren't lounging.

With all the Sahara dust and clouds there have been spectacular sunsets. This house in particular has got fabulous views in every direction from inside and on the porch and deck. Sunrise, storms and in this case sunset. Lots of colors that just don't seem real.

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Anonymous said...

Tuca and Chicken on the table...I want to be that happy/content. So cute. Those bellies are calling for a human face-plant! Love the fluffs. Wil