Friday, August 30, 2013

Where Does The Ripster Go?

I've always wondered where Rip goes and what he does during the day. All the other cats hang out under the ferns or in pots or on chairs but Rip is always MIA. The other day I went out to water my lettuce and caught him taking a break from "practice." Jackie I guess is the coach. He apparently is training for some kind of athletic event involving a trampoline and balance beam. First he has to stretch a bit before he approaches the beam. Then the mount, the modern dance routine and finally the dismount (which he sticks perfectly). But then there is ANOTHER dismount where he literally takes a bounce off the 6 foot high covering and onto the grass below! He is amazing!

Chicken on the other hand prefers to cat nap on the couch pillows. No coach required!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Impressive! Judges....a 10- 10- 10!
Is that why Jackie has a whistle around her neck?
Must be fun to bounce around and fly like a bird.