Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Day and Weather Watching - Could the Not-So-Dry Dry Season be Over?

Today started out like all the other days do - bright sun, rising temperatures and lots of bird sounds. Around 1pm the clouds came out of nowhere and with them the rain. In the last hour we have had an inch of rain and the newly installed roof drains make our house look like a "Wipeout" set. Rain is barrelling out of these pipes and hopefully that means the new roof is doing its job.
I am going to have to figure out what to do about the water. I had the guys put the pipes away from the house so they could drain not-on-the-walkway. Depending on the amount of rain the splatter is anywhere from close to the walkway to mid lawn. The original idea was to make a border of rocks along the tiles, entrap another layer of different colored rocks further out from that, plant many more plants and eliminate lawn. I'm still going with that idea but am considering a splash trough or pot with grass or round stones in it or something. Hmmm.
Weather watching has been great. Every day brings a mixed bag of clouds and rainbows and sunbeams. Sometimes the water looks like water and sometimes it looks like a pool of smoke or dry ice. Sometimes it is blue and other times reflects the orange of sunset.
Up top the clouds go in all different directions depending on the layer they are in. Some even build vertically!
The super moon wasn't so super. There were clouds. We had a spectacular, huge moon rise before it was "super" but it went up so fast I didn't get any photos.

I am excited to see what the "wet" season this year is like. We have amazing weather watching areas all over the house.

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