Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the Other Side

I think Katrina's post below was due to some of the frustrations she had with this process especially at the store, and of course the way some things are done in Puerto Rico. It is a little weird that Sears responded to this post but I think that is a good thing. It does however make me cautious and I would need to verify those phone numbers by calling Sears directly first. I will say again that we/I have been very happy with Sears and will continue to do as much shopping with them as I can.

And if this is a real attempt by Sears to improve its customer service I am even more impressed.



Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Yeah, right.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Jeff has a short memory. When we sold our San German PR house we needed to buy a refrigerator for the new house. This December I drove 1 1/2 hours to the new house to wait for Sear's to deliver it. They didn't show up. I waited 5 hours. No call. When I called them they said the truck was in an accident and it wasn't coming today. I could understand that (except not getting a call) The next day it came and I got the full story. No one was hurt, the truck rolled down a hill when they weren't in it with my refrigerator and other people's stuff in it. I bet that is the refrigerator I received. People weren't hurt but they couldn't manage a telephone call? Another 3 hours of driving the following day. We also had to reorder table and 4 chairs 3 times because each time part of it was broken..or there wasn't a pedastal (supposed to eat on the floor?) etc. Yeah - no more Sear's for me.

Fran and Steve said...

Steve's the same way. He gives the bad guys the benefit of the doubt, which is really annoying when it's clear that businesses are using the Harvard lawyers playbook on the best way to maximize profits at the expense of consumers, all while making us think we are getting a good deal. Oh well, at least we sleep with the good guys! ;=)

Linda said...

Crazy isn't it?! you can't even comment on anything without "big brother" noticing. I remember last year I had the same problem with a woman owned business group. I had joined only to find out they want money from you to pose with NEWT GINGRICH!!! I was appalled and said so in a response to an article on the Huffington Post. Within hours the group contacted me by phone and asked my what my problem was! Holy CRAP!!! I was pissed!
On a lighter note, I read all your blogs and hope to meet you guys one of these days. We're especially excited to see how your back deck turns out since we want to do the same thing to our house. Keep taking pictures and keep us all updated!

Anonymous said...

So MANY issues here to agree with...1) the internet is a free-for-all data dump where at an accelerated rate, corporations are monitoring it for their OWN slick marketing-"customer service" spin. 2)Electronic is bad, mechanical basic is good. Corporations are dumbing down products to barely function allowing maximum profit so the CEO can get his new yacht each year.
3) Fran gets "Best Comment" award! ;-) Wil