Saturday, July 3, 2010

While Jeff Visits his Family in Atlanta his Other family Carries On

Sometimes Stripes just needs time to himself. He sleeps on top of the scuba shed.
He can relax and zonk out away from the others.

Ever since Bepo was attacked by whoever it was she hasn't really roamed much farther than this...the balcony with quick access into the house. Pollo is keeping her company.

I am always afraid she (or some of the others) will roll off and it is a long drop.

When we drive up in the car or truck there are usually many little faces looking down on us.

So...who is this new orange and white one? Don't know. Chicken and Blanco were both on the driveway lounging with it so I guess it isn't a problem cat.

Rip took over Bepo's chair and was in a deep sleep before I nudged him awake.
Princess likes to sit near me at night.

Mini is pretty anti-social and hates the new little guy. Bitch.

Red eye didn't work in this photo. He can't resist the camera strap!

I was cleaning the bookshelf (everything is moldy) and Tuca decided the ladder gave her "hand" as they say on Seinfeld.

Rip LOVES the strap and won't sit still. He still has his wild baby teeth and has another month before we can get him neutered.
Mars was stuck in the same log Blanco was stuck in when she was little. She has grown up ok.

An intruder cat pushed in the screen here and our cats have made it in to a pilates studio pulling themselves along with their outstretched paws. I put reinforcing mesh to help keep out bugs until we can replace things. Chicken is taking a break after a good workout.
Rip is just loving that strap!

Blanco is quite stately (kind of funky with the red-eye thing though).

While I was in St. Croix he apparently got bitten or something, had an abscess, tore it open with his claw and when I got home half his face was hanging off and Jeff says he just noticed it. I took him to the vet in the morning and got it cleaned up, got antibiotics and just finished up the last ones yesterday. It is healing nicely but was very scary looking.

Tuca taking a snooze in the blue cat pillow. Sometimes 2 or 3 of them pile in there.

The face of an angel!

My first "raw" meal was a Wild Rice salad. The rice isn't cooked, just soaked for a day or so. Fresh corn, tomatoes, culantro, garlic, sea salt and a touch of olive oil. Food has a lot more flavor when you don't cook it. I am very excited to be trying to not cook! Raw food is perfect for this climate and we'll see how it goes! The recipe is Ani Phyo's. Check out her website!

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Great family you have there!