Friday, July 9, 2010


Jeff got back from Atlanta and we just LOVE the Mayaguez airport - no lines, no hustle-bustle, just a little plane and the 2-6 other people who are there for it. You can arrive 20 minutes before you leave and get there right on time to pick people up. For $60 to San Juan it saves hours of driving which at 5pm on a Friday night is a very good thing! Here's his plane...

There he is with an older passenger.
Look what treasures he brought with him! Sticky rice (enough for a 1000 people - didn't come in a smaller amount), my favorite chocolates and look!!! chocolate with bacon!!!!! Is there anything bacon isn't good with?

Then I whipped out the first no-bake "raw" dessert I've made and we pigged out on that after we had zucchini "pasta" with a fresh no-cook sauce. The dessert is rich and yummy with cashews, walnuts, dates, coconut oil, carob and cacao powder, orange zest... a sweet and wonderful dessert without eggs, milk, butter, and no sugar (it is in the dates). The white layer was like whip cream and the chocolate area like a mousse with a cookie like layer surrounding it all.

Then I was out and about and encountered another odd site on the road. This time it was kind of in our neighborhood. A really big Pig! Trotting in the road, until I stopped to take a photo, the giant hog was on a mission of some sort. Maybe it was an escape mission or foraging the garbage cans for more food maybe.

The scene was something else you just wouldn't find in the U.S. We lived in a rural area of Washington and saw raccoons, opossums, bear, deer etc all the time but somehow it just wasn't the same. Yup - like living in the movies (or a third worldish country).


Cassie said...

You could have called this post "On pigs and flying" -lol
You don't see as many pigs wandering PR as you do other creatures like horses and chickens.

Rosa said...

The chipotle chili chocolate looks good...bacon chocolate...interesting.