Friday, July 23, 2010

Remembering Wally - It's Been 3 Years

Wally was the best boy ever. We got him from Purebred Rescue and he was our life for almost 10 years. He was an English mastiff and we loved him. He was huge, sensitive, serious, gentle and really goofy! The cats had him whipped into shape and he did what they wanted! He loved whipped cream from the can and would pull Asian pears off the tree. One time I went shopping and put the bags on the floor and went outside for a minute. When I came back he was kind of making a muffled whimper but his mouth was shut. It took me a while to figure out what happened, but when I pried open his mouth he had a whole bagel in it and his teeth were pressed down into it and it was stuck! Crazy boy. Another time we gave him a cow leg to carry around and he tried to get out of the house with it and the sliding glass door wasn't open enough. He was a really dumb dog and wouldn't drop it, didn't think of twisting it, he just kept pushing and pushing in an effort to get out. We loved our boy.

He had his own mattresses but he was really a lap dog - all 170 pounds! He only wanted to be with us. Another time we took him camping and it was raining so he tip-toed (picture it, he was huge) and calumped right between us in the tent. As he got warmer and relaxed he stretched his arms and legs and almost pushed me out the tent! Here I am sleeping on the very edge where it is a little wet with a huge dog stretched out in doggy bliss!

He loved to sit in the sun on the grass and hang out. When we were at work he slept by the window or in the closet where his mattress was. He would tip toe to his closet and put himself to bed around 9 at night. Where's Wally? If it was after 9 he had slipped out, around the hall corner and gone to bed. We loved him.

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Cassie said...

Was that your yard with all the tulips? Looks very beautiful. Wally sounds like such a fun and funny dog. I am not looking forward to Schnoodle dying. She is about 13 years old!