Friday, April 24, 2009

"Tengo un Regalo para Tu"...

Amparo (our neighbor) came over just as I was headed out to Corseca for a few hours on the beach. I decided I couldn't paint any more (my hands hurt) and wanted a little relaxing time in the sun and water. Cuddled in her arms is this teeny tiny kitten.

The story is that it has no mother or father or siblings. Well what could we do? In late February a cat (Feo) that I was trying to catch and spay disappeared a few days before her appointment and apparently had kittens. We haven't seen the mom again and figure she is dead. We never saw kittens, but this is probably hers.

It purred and purred and we think it will be a real cat - one we can touch and hold that wants to be with us and not its siblings! It is very friendly and playful. He (we think) just breaks into play after eating and sleeps and burrows under the bedspread after eating. Just like the big cats.

So today I picked up some milk replacement and a toy.

We'll call him Tuko (because he is fierce like the Breaking Bad character).

He even holds his own with the big cats giving an awesome hiss. I hope the other cats like him - he is a step brother to Mini. We are keeping them separated for the first week unless supervised. A while back we put a real gate in so Amparo can come over without going over barbed wire. We put chain link (4 feet) to encourage the cats to stay put (ha) but wanted Amparo to have free access. Today she came over to check on the cat and told her I was putting a sign on the gate the says: Arroz y Habichuelas Si
Barrigas de Viejo Si
Gatos No
Then I checked her pockets for cats when she brought me an empanada for lunch! We had a good laugh ...and she brought over rice and beans for our dinner!


Mike said...

Yes! Another cat story - with kittens! I shall add Tuko to the pantheon. Thanks, Mike

Rosa said...

What a beautiful face! And so playful, I am glad that you will get to really enjoy a kitten that is not afraid of humans.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Rosa - Yes something is seriously wrong with us...we just can't sleep thinking that this little guy was alone on hillside shivering and eating geckos or bugs or garbage. Beautiful? We kind of think this is the duckling of the bunch but it is really spunky and'll be a good cat! katrina