Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cat Antics...a Break from Painting

The ladder has proven to be a great source of amusement for the cats. When I was sealing the roof I left it too close to the house and was surprised to see cats on the roof! They didn't show up for breakfast but I could hear meows. A little assistance and all was well. I started moving the ladder AWAY from the side of the house when I wasn't using it and it still turned out to be great fun! Stripes is king of the ladder for this moment.
He is kind of a pill and is hogging it while the others mill around the bottom rungs.

A dismantled fountain is another great place to play - Stripes and his momma Bepo are duking it out. Bepo has her hand through the hole the pump hose goes in. They have all taken turns sleeping, playing and play fighting in it while it awaits a new coat of paint.

The top of the bird bath has been missing for a while - it fell off and split in two. Jeff (Mr. Fix It) repaired it and its return to the yard was a great happening for the cats. Mini decided to stand in the bird bath and try to play with the rock I have sitting in there. She is used to standing in the fountain and batting around a couple glass balls I have in there - rocks however don't move which makes them even more interesting?

Blanco on the other hand decided to play pat-a-cake with the water and it amused him for quite a while. Cats in Washington weren't nearly this much fun!


Cassie said...

Ahh that's cute! The fountain is really pretty and sets off the greenery around it. I have a Mr. Fix It too, although I think he wishes he weren't :-)

Minerva said...

Your cats are fun!