Monday, January 5, 2009

A Surprise Visit at the Bottom of the Driveway!

For a couple hours I had been hearing loudspeaker stuff in the neighborhood and thought one of the little churches was starting Tres Reyes parties early! Boy it was loud. I headed down the driveway with camera in hand to find the source of the music but Chicken and Dakota (cats) were following me and I didn't want them out the gate. Then Jeff got home and said the kings were on 3362 which is the road to our house (exit 177). I had to see them, being that sights on the roads are among my favorite things here in Puerto Rico. I hopped in the car and we did see them. Later though I heard them again and called my neighbor at the end of the driveway and asked if she had seen the kings. Later she calls and tells me they are coming! I race down the driveway just in time! The road is a one car (or three horse) road so cars were backed up. The loudspeaker car was out in front and maybe they were headed to the park? We never see that many cars on our road. A little neighbor girl came out with some grass for the horses. The tradition is that tonight kids put a box of straw out to feed the camels?

I forget their names but I think one is Baldorf.
Here they are at the bottom of our driveway (lime green wall on left with car pulled over to make room).

And they are looking up the driveway at something - did a cat follow me down?
And here they are before they disappeared into the darkness. In Puerto Rico you can see anything and everything on the roads. Always unexpected and there are always surprises even though you think you have seen it all! What fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is so fun :)

Rosa said...

Oh, I love it! Only in Puerto Rico would see such colorful things! I do enjoy your pictures so much,
thank you for that. I was not in PR for the holidays but looking at your pictures did warm me up!